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Prayer Requests


So many people are in so much pain right now, I can't list everyone, but prayer warriors unite and let's lift up our request to God for the world, our friends, our neighbors, folks we don't know but we know are in pain, the named and the unnamed, God knows their needs and knows their situation.  Let's join our prayers together each evening at 9:00 p.m. and each morning @ 9 a.m. and lift up those who need our prayers.  

Prayers for my Oklahoma neighbors hit or touched by the Oklahoma tornadoes.   True devastation has fallen on the land, your prayers are appreciated.   The dogs and my family are all good.  we are about 3 hours east of the tornados except for my niece and her inlaws who live in Shawnee, location of the first twister.  She has lost her house but is able to rebuild when the confusion is over.   All my puppy family is Ok as  far as I know, I have not heard from all of you but have not heard anything bad on anyone as of now.  So everyone check in with me and let me know you are OK.

Prayers for all the people recently taken ill, struggling with whatever earthly woes, Bless us all LORD, we need your loving hand more than ever. our world is a scary place that we can't understand, give us knowledge and wisdom and courage and strength so that we might do your work.  Amen    

Adding a few names to our list today;Patricia; Kate; Carlos & his family; PamL; Sissy and Frank;  Anna Belle and her family;Connie, Jackie, Sally and family , John, Jessie, Cordell and James, Donna and George, Paige and family,Drew and Ryan and family, Pat and family, let me know if any of you would like to be on this prayer list.  and also the unnamed that need comfort today.
A prayer for my many families that have lost their companions and still in recovery. Although we know in our brains that dogs are not going to live as long as us we never get ready in our hearts to see them pass on. Help us Lord with your Grace to move on as you would have us to, to be able to love again. 

Many people are fighting cancer, or other diseases or devastation in their lives....thank you for being part of this prayer chain, all these families appreciate your time including those in your prayers.    

request coming in today:  Jackie lost her husband, Joe, suddenly after surgery and a bloodclot;  Kelia's sister had surgery yesterday for breast cancer, doing good today; Connie lost her husband after a 5 year struggle with a severe stroke; Sally just let me know that Jim has passed and finally free from pain, Pat lost her mother; many many families struggling with cancer right now and many others unnamed and unknown to their needs but "you know Lord, grant us the understanding to continue on with our purpose."

A very big special request for Leah, she is experiencing some severe health challenges in her young life, join me in praying that she can be led to the right doctor to get her some help. Pray for her parents, Leslie and Don, that they can be blessed in ways to help their daughter.  I know God's time is always the right time and so join me in prayer "Lord, we thank you and we humble ourselves before you, a merciful God, for Grace for this family, we pray for healing as only you can do Lord and we pray for your guidance in her doctor's hands and minds. We pray for understanding.  We pray Lord for other prayer requests, spoken and unspoken, as you know our hearts and needs Lord, thank you for the guidance and understanding you grant me everyday as I strive to serve you, Lord. Amen"  

 and as always the puppies and I appreciate all your prayers and uplifting emails and pictures of your babies and words of encouragement as I continue recovery from chemo 


Thanks guys, I know you are all out there. " Most Gracious and Heavenly Father-I reach out to you at this moment & continuing through my day- I pray for all the health issues and request for relief, spoken or unspoken, you know the needs of my people and the needs of this world.  I pray for those who have asked me to and also for those who I do not know but know there are people on this earth that need your guidance and healing. I pray that your will be done, Lord, and that you give us the guidance we need daily to fulfill our purpose on this earth.  Help me to be the person I am supposed to be and to be a beacon for those looking for a glimmer of light of hope. In Jesus name I pray. Amen "

Prayer list for today:  the Xiong family in Collinsville, facing cancer of the lungs;  the Gamble family in Arkansas, facing cancer of the stomach; 

Unspoken prayers of all of us who struggle daily, better off than most-we think, so we don't bother to ask anyone for prayers, guidance or assistance, Let's ask God to lift up all these independent women who are holding up the world with one shoulder and fighting for their life with the other shoulder. God understands the fight, "Please God, give the ladies a day of Grace and help them with their burdens everyday and night. Bless the men who love us but who also challenge us every day and night and bless our families.  God we ask that you look at the mass destruction going on in this world as a forgiving God, forgive us and heal this world so that we may continue to live for you,Lord, give us the strength each of us need to be here for your purpose, guide us, We give to you the glory. Amen "     

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father: Today Lord I pray for my friends Janet & Jackie who are both  surviving the loss of their husbands, a request for Chloe's little friend at Cheer, Kynadi, who has broken her arm in two places, Landry with a broken wrist,  a request for Nellie who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and is on her way to MD Anderson, the health of many who are struggling just to get through their day  and for all the other prayer requests may our prayers reach up and grasp those individual prayers coming to you Lord and join so that you may heal our friends with your Grace. I pray for those who do not ask for prayer but need you Lord, you know their hearts, allow me to ask for them. THank you for all our blessings..... Amen 

It's us again Lord, you know our needs, thank you Lord for our blessings, for the growth that you allow us to have. We pray for our families and friends and those Lord who are unable or unwilling to ask for themselves. Be with our world Lord as it is falling deeper into violence and despair, only You Lord have the power, we trust your guidance. Amen   

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