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Many puppies/dogs have been recovered this year just by the microchip and you guys letting me know your puppy is missing.
I am glad the microchip is working, you guys might consider subscribing to the Home AGAIN program and that will actually put  you in the driver's seat to Locate your dog without waiting for someone to turn it in.  Go to Home   

"Happy" a little tricolor male shihtzu is missing in the Lawton Area,
if located call 580-514-8681  He got out of the yard when the storm damaged yard fence Tuesday......last seen at 5320 NW Liberty Ave in Lawton, Ok .Other information is pending at this time:

This is the lost dog, she is two years old
PLEASE call us if you know anything about her: 479-414-0737

ALERT!  WE have a lost dog in Charleston, Arkansas as of this date 10-13-11, she is black and white and answers to Sammy, she was last seen near the Furniture store there in Charleston, anyone seeing this dog or knowing her whereabouts call 918-967-4498.

nope he isn't a shihtzu but he was lost near
Shihtzu Heaven on 1290 road in Haskell County by local rancher,call me if u know where he is!

2 dogs lost....and then found.  I received a phone call from a vet clinic asking for identification of the owner of one of my chip numbers. Upon looking up the chip number I discovered the family had two Shihtzu Heaven doggies, and identified both the vet assistant, she then revealed they had both dogs, I called the owners and they were on vacation out of state and had left the dogs in the care of one of the grandmothers.....well the honory little bugars had dug out and started home unbeknownst to grandma.....I told them where their puppies were, notified the vet clinic the owners would be calling and the rest is a very HAPPY ENDING!  Don't know what happened to grandma but you can't complain about free day care.  Hopefully grandmother was forgiven..   MY CHIPS work....always alert me if you have lost your dog. Meemaw    

JASPER has been found and is back home with his mommie tonight.    Thanks to a very persistent mommie to keep looking for him and some very helpful groomers, the Tahlequah Police Department and Animcal Control Officers and a very good samaritin that gave Linda her first lead on 10-09-10.

Jasper was abducted by a man in a black truck after he had creatively dug himself out of the back yard and was running loose in Tahlequah.  A good samaritin stopped to get him when the man in the black truck showed up and claimed him as his dog.  The good samaritin man still called Linda as she has posters up in that area.  She was able to to track down the other man and called their home but his wife would not admit the dog was Jasper and would not return him or even let Linda look at him to see if he was hers.  So.. I advised Linda to contact all vets & groomers in a 50 mile radius & ask them to scan any shihtzus or contact her.  Linda was patient and then a groomer called her to say that she had an appointment on a dog that met her description, however, before the appointment time they again Linda waited patiently while talking with police and other officers to figure out what she needed to be doing as it was obvious this couple was not going to return him peacefully.  Now remember JAsper has the Shihtzu Heaven Chip already in place and Linda has her number just waiting to be able to identify him.  Well the break came from another groomer who advised she had an appointment for him and she felt it was Linda's Jasper.  The couple had insisted on her coming to the house to groom him but she refused.   So everyone showed up at the groomers and scanned Jasper and it was him and the police helped Linda get him back.  So he is home and we are all so thankful.      

LOST SHIHTZU!    JASPER has creatively dug out of his back yard in Tahlequah and is running loose near Southland Drive in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  Jasper is a white male with apricot on both ear tips, his mother is sending me a current picture of him.  Please call me or his mother, Linda, at 580-383-0602 if you have found him or have any information about him.  Thanks 

A LITTLE GOOD NEWS! 10-09-10 Jasper has been sighted on the street he disappeared from by a good samaritan that tried to catch him when a man in a black pick up truck stopped and caught him and said it was his dog and left with him.  NOW! we need to know who this man is.  A reward has been set up for Jasper's return and information leading up to the location & identification of this man.   The trail is growing cold so if you live in the Tahlequah area and know anyone with a black truck in their life and a white male shihtzu dog, please call me 918-967-4498 or Linda @ number shown above.  Thank you for your help and your prayers....... 

This is Jasper as he was leaving Shihtzu Heaven
in August of this year to go home with his new family.
This is Jasper as he was leaving Shihtzu Heaven
in August of this year to go home with his new family.

LOST Shihtzu  CHIBI is FOUND!  Picture and story below

This is "Chibi" she is NOW SAFE AND BACK WITH
her parents in Vegas thanks to the help of many people!
"HEROES" one and all! Chibi is returned to
her parents in Vegas.. thank all of you who helped in her safe return!

THE STORY as sent to me from her father:  Chibi creatively slipped out the door undetected, as her father exited the car to get gas, a few moments later, in shock, they couldn't find her and the hunt began.   Everybody involved in this rescue, from that moment did the right thing and made up for those that did not get involved but could have.  Three ladies came to Chibi's aid.  A lady who once lost her dog and now devotes her time searching newspapers and other lost pet postings to save other people's dogs.  She saw our flyer where Chibi was lost and then read the ad in the Las Vegas Review Journal where they post free lost pet ads and called us.  A lady truck driver had discovered Chibi running along the road scared,alone, hungry and exhausted.  She was able to call her to her and took her to her daughter who gave her love, food and shelter and they placed the ad in the paper.  Chibi's new friends received several calls so to make SURE she was returned to the right parents, guess what they checked, THE AVID CHIP inserted at Shihtzu Heaven where she was born and raised.   The McCune family thanks God, the prayers of all of you that went out to save this little special angel, and the ladies involved who took the TIME to save this precious Chibi but didn't stop there, took the time and effort to find the owners.  Returning her this morning, the happy reunion picture is shown above.

Note from Meemaw Pam at Shihtzu Heaven: Make sure YOUR pet has an ID chip inserted.  When this happens to your pet. IMMEDIATELY get a picture up at the last location doggy was seen.  Take a picture to every vet and groomer or animal control in your "lost" area.  Start at the lost area and work in circular pattern and talk to EVERYONE, give out a picture, contact local news media outlets and get the word out.  DO NOT MENTION YOUR CHIP until doggy is found and Identification is required.  Return to the lost area, a lot of time the doggy will hang pretty close when they are lost to your last scent. If not, they will attempt to go home by following the scent of your car tires, yes that is why dogs smell tires (not really sure about that one, smile, but sounds like a good reason).  Seriously they can track you by their little keen smelling noses.  As in Chibi's case she was headed home when she was found.  The need for urgency is that the wrong person might find your doggy and not return it, OR, a Shihtzu alone and scared makes bad decisons and often runs under passing cars.  Hope this never happens to you but if it does call or email me immediately.  Your Shihtzu Heaven puppy will have a chip if purchased in the last few years, that chip ID's your puppy to me and you.  God Bless all of you!               

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