Pamela's Shihtzu Heaven

Nursery from (Newborn to 5 -6 weeks)


New puppies are coming now,  wait list is forming call me for personal pictures to be sent to your email directly . feel free to call me 918-967-4498 as I love to talk puppies   I have liver (chocolates) solid and spots; I hve blues or charcoals; brindles;  solid black, etc.

It was a quick decision, one look, daddy Paul says
"I'll take her", she'll be going to Collinsville,Ok when she is ready
Trudi Grace wraps her new daddy right around her
little paws...he says her new name is "Rielly" named by his wife and daughter
"The BOYS" BB Girl/Willy DOB 01-26-12 $800
Ready after 04-26-12 "Waldon" ("Louie"& "Leon SOLD)"



Litter #1:

"The twin boys" Teddy Bear and Teddy Boo $800
Farrah and Willy are the proud parents of these two bouncing baby boys DOB 11-30-12 BOTH SOLD

The Shull family from Webb City MO have
chosen their new baby boy,"TeddyBear" to surprise their children when he is ready to go home


David, Carla and Carly meet "Saidi Belle" and
introduce her to Max who wasn't very impressed, maybe she will grow on him.

Litter #3:

Katie Belle/Bubbles presents their new litter $800
DOB 01-06-13 be ready around 04-06-13 $100 deposit will hold your choice 4 Males 1 Female
Litter # 3 growing:gorgeous colors $800
pick your favorite and $100 deposit will hold your as he grows ready around 04-06-13
Litter # 3 growing:gorgeous colors $800
pick your favorite and $100 deposit will hold your as he grows ready around 04-06-13

Litter #2:

Shadow/Bubbles "twin boys" B/W Dapple $800
DOB 01-01-13 New Years' babies.."Buster & Little Bugar" .$100 deposit will hold your choice
"Little Louie" Cheryl & Daniel in Mangum Ok
claims this little guy for their new baby boy when he is ready
"Little Waldon" purest grace in a kiss
from God himself creates this little guy's personality, just wonderful,beautiful markings $800
"MaiLeah" is chosen by Dede and Jay and Dixie
to be their little baby girl....she'll be going home to Bella Vista Ark when she is ready.
"This is him" says his new mommy and daddy is
liking her choice. "Leon" will have a new name when he goes home to Edmond, Ok
Jackie and Nadia choose "Teddy Boo"
Deposit to Hold for Jackie in Springdale, Ark
Jackie chooses her baby boy: Teddy Boo
Thanks Friend Judy for traveling with Jackie & Nadi to pickout Boo
"Little Buster" b/w spot perfect male $800
Shadow and Bubbles baby boy: will be dapple in coloration like mom..has liver/choc genetics from dad
Moma Lucia and sissy Pulare are waiting in Utah
for little "Buster" renamed "Patches" to get ready to come home with them. won't be long now!
"Little Bugar" b/w spot perfect male $800
Shadow and Bubbles baby boy: will be dapple in coloration like mom

These boys are sweeeeeties...they are just old enough to start playing, I love to watch them pull mommy's tail and play with each other, they are both cute cute cute, little joys.  They will be a dapple like their mom even though they look black and white. GORGEOUS and UNIQUE  


Everything below this box is SOLD...................look for fun and for color and comparison to a baby you like 

ALL THREE in LItter # 1 is SOLD:  keep scrolling down to see other litters:

LITTER #1:  DOB 02-21-12
Look for current pics of this litter in the 'almost ready' tab, they have moved to Day care......
Willo and Willy litter: DOB 02-21-12  should be ready around 05-21-12   They are all spoken for with deposits to hold....
"Liara,Ciarra & Sparkle" DOB 02-21-2012
to Willo & Willy Carry Liver genetics Sparkle has deposit to hold
"Ciara Joy" tri spot $800 SOLD
tiny little Ciara is now named "tulip" going home with Amber in Texas
"Sparkle" renamed "Mallie" DOB 02-21-2012
going home with Shelly in Jonesboro, Ark when she is ready

Litter # 2: all sold

The CoCo BB GIRLS: all liver genetics
Mollie BB; Lovie BB; CoCo BB; & Maxi BB
"Little Maxi" chosen by Lauren and moving to Ark
when she is ready....I hear Luaren has already been shopping & is a little bit excited!!

Miss Maxi BB has gotten chosen by her family: Larry, Julie and Lauren will be taking her home to Montecello Ark when she is ready to go. Deposit to

Now is this excitement? Lauren sends Meemaw
a picture of Maxi's new toys. had to have a shopping trip already
"Zaks Max"brown chocolate brindle SOld
oh so so sweet, last one in this litter....he is GORGEOUS!
"Zaks Max"brown chocolate brindle
oh so so sweet, last one in this litter....he is GORGEOUS!
Visiting CoCo and watching her grow is part of the
fun......Cathy enjoys her play day at Shihtzu Heaven with CoCo
"CoCo" beautiful tri color spot female of CoCo BB
and Maxwell. ...chosen by Frank & Cathy ...will be ready in May
Mary finds little Mollie and it is love at first
sight. While Sherry is finding her baby: Lilly. daughter and grandson lovin the babies
Moma Mary went home and brought back Daddy
to meet this little "Mollie BB" "Wanna go home with us?" daddy asks her
This picture taken in 01-2012 when Diana & Mike
adopted "CoCo Sweetie" she is doing wonderful & they are ready for little sister "Lovie"
Diana selects her new puppy "Lovie" going home
to Springdale Ark one of these days to meet: "CoCo, Gigi,&Daisy" daddy Mike & Uncle Scott
"Lovie" beautiful solid liver/chocolate female
liver points, hazel green eyes.....rare & unique...going home with Diana & Mike

Small litters:  Litters 3 & 4  Both SOLD  only had one baby each:
Harley/Fuman  see 'little Fuman'  SOLD DOB 03-14-12
Rochelle/Cody see 'Ryder' (DEPOSIT TO hold) (teacup shihtzu) DOB 03-16-12

Harley & FuMan Chu: one baby boy
DOB 03-14-12 He is a beautiful tri color spot, great markings, stay tiny $800
"RYder" mahogany w/black masking $900 SOLD
DOB 03-16-12 OMG he is tiny&Beautiful rare markings Son of Rochelle/Cody Pam D n Collinsville,Ok
'Little Ryder" going to be extra tiny adult
he is so cute, beautiful colors wanta itty bitty one? this is him SORRY he is now SOLD
"Ryder" is chosen by Pam from Claremore, Ok
and also "Libby" going home together when they are ready


Sweetie Pie & Bubbles: "Little Sweet Pea"
DOB 04-01-12 She looks kinda like mom, All black on top and white on the bottom side $700 (Sold)

Sweet Pea is going home with Pat and Joann as soon as she is ready to Fayetteville, Ark.

"Sweet Pea" going home with Pat and Joan
to Fayetteville, Ark when she is ready
"William"Liver pointsliver noseliver muzzle(SOLD)
liver lips, green eyes, very UNIQUE,Beautiful, Rare. Noone will have one like yours. $800
Jeff, Claudia and Gibbsy are adding "William" to
their family.They can't come see him lov his picture,Deposit t hold! #2 Shihtzu Heaven Puppy

LITTER 5: all three are SOLD

The wait is over: Cinderellee & Willy pups r here!
DOB 03-25-12 "William(sold) LillLa(sold), LeiLa(sold)" all liver points/green eyes, tiny ones $800
"Lill'La" chosen by Sherry to be her little friend
going home to Eufaula Ok when she is ready, renamed "Lilly"
Sherry picks out little Lill'la & shows t daughter
& grandson, but Moma Mary is doing her own thing..she has found little Mollie BB
"Lei La" chosen by the Johnson family........,
....she is their 2nd Shihtzu Heaven Puppy....going home to Edmond, Ok when she is ready

Daddy is hoping this puppy likes him better, says the other two likes moma....oops look who already has a hold of her.....

James & Penny came to see the black ones &
decided they really liked William the liver nose male..they may be would be three for them

That's ALL for NOW!  everything below this message is
already loving someone else!  You may view them for
color comparisons to the babies above.  Find one you like call me and give me a name and I will tell you if I have one like that one.  Meemaw

ALL THESE PUPPIES BELOW ARE SOLD AND GOING TO THEIR NEW HOMES,  View for color comparisons to new borns

"The Dashing Handsome Gibbsy" $700
Little tricolor spot male, liver reds, liver genetics, GORGEOUS! Claim now, last one!

All are sold

BB Girl and Willy boys DOB 12-30-11 $700
Won't be ready til March but your $100 deposit will hold,"Gibbsy" far right available, last one!

The (1) female in this litter has a deposit to hold 

BB Girl and Willy litter DOB 12-30-11 $700
Won't be ready til March but your $100 deposit will hold your choice
"The Dashing Handsome Gibbsy" $700
Little tricolor spot male, liver reds, liver genetics, GORGEOUS! Gone home with Claudia in Okla
"Miss Princess Izzabella " has gone home with Yana
in Okc She is a mahogany and white spot
"Zack" renamed "Moses" by his new mom, Tammy
in Kansas,&" Eli" renamed "Max" by his new mom, Becky in Arkansas

"Zack" renamed 'Moses' is chosen by
Tammy n Topeka,Ks & her children:Brandon&Nicole.They can hardly wait t come get him.

Little "Eli" chosen by DeCarlo family from
Rogers, Ark. he is a lucky little boy
"Eli DeCarlo"this little handsome gent is already
on hold for the DeCarlo family in Rogers,Arkansas.

All three of these puppies have a deposit to hold

"Katie Did That" 3 puppies DOB 12-05-11
Max Bandit, Matti, & Milli $700 choice
"Katie Did That" 3 puppies DOB 12-05-11
1 male and 2 females
Cole and Jennifer pick their new puppy:"Foxi Roxi"
Jennifer & her boys have wanted one of these puppies for years, finally it is going to happen!
BB Girl and Willy wish to announce the birth of
their four children: Zack, Dano, Hutch and little Maria They are liver genetics
BB Girl and Willy DOB 12-30-11
: Zack, Dano, Hutch and little Maria (deposit to hold for Yanka ) They are liver genetics
"Little Eva Maria" born on 12-30-11
Deposit for hold...going home with Yanka & her family at Ft Sill, Ok & shihtzu friend: Alexander

THESE BABIES ARE ALL NOW IN THE DAY CARE AND HEADSTART GETTING READY TO GO HOME WITH THEIR NEW FAMILIES....check out 'almost ready tab' or 'ready for adoption tab'  see what you like, call me
for current pictures.

"Penelope" chosen by Kristina in New Jersey
The snow storm was horrible but during that time, Kristina, found Penelope on line.She is so excited
Troy and Jessica holding Aggi & Reba
which one t choose? They are ready for puppy babies, hope they can wait til Nov
Chung tries to figure out which one she wants to
be her little Molly's friend. Well we got it down to three....or maybe two....
Coming from Tulsa, these girls came to see which
puppy Miss Princess Molly would like to have,,she liked them all,she thought they all smelled good
Debra picking out her baby girl, friend-Lynda
gives a helping hand
Harley and puppies growing pic taken 09-26-11
GracieG & Bubbles DOB 08-27-11
Cute Cute Cute Be ready in November
"OK Santa this is the one", Jayden will be telling
Santa this is the puppy she wants. Blake has found him one too, Grma & Mom like their choices
"Olin" now named "Pupcake" is chosen by
Jayden and there is not a glimmer of doubt, "He's the one she told her mom"
Cinderelle/Willy babies DOB 09-01-11 $800
Beautiful liver spots, liver nose, hazel green eyes, stay tiny, rare & unique
Cinderelle's puppies growing good -pic taken
Blake is going to pull strings with Santa for this
little girl he is planing....that is if he figures out how t gt Grma t take care of it for him...??
"Little Itty Bitty Sterling" white w/cream $700
He is so tiny and Soooo cute! Oh my, his little black eyes, he is gorgeous!unique & special
Tom and Tina are excited to have selected their
little baby girl: STAR. It's hard to pick em this young but the color is right Tina thinks.
Star and Spencer cuddle up together



Ruby and daddy Mark choose a special birthday
present "Jakee Max" going to be Ruby's new best friend in Norman OK, he's not ready yet though!

These puppies are all gone now, enjoy pics for color comparison to what you are looking for.  I will have many more in the fall.  Have 8 ready to go
right now.

Cricket and Cody blessed the world with 4 beauties
DOB 02-28-11.. 1 Male and 3 Females
Sweet Sassie's pups DOB 02-27-11
3 males and 2 females All of you wanting a white one this is them! Call now.
"Sissie" GORGEOUS! $700 Sold to Penny
SHe is tiny and has petite features. very very sweet
"THE BOYS" Scotty (mahogany spot); Sonny (white)
& Sammy (mahogany spot---SOLD to Eliz).
"Sonny" the most beautiful white shithzu ever
come see him, he wll be ready in about 2 weeks $700
"Samuel" chosen by Eliz & Mike
going to fill up their empty nest
"Sarah"chosen for a surprise gift for mother's day
can't reveal where she is going, but isn't she a cutey!
"Sissie" renamed "Gracie" by the Thayer family
Penny says this is the one she has wanted for years......she is filling her empty nest!
Rochelle & Willy DOB 02-26-11
has a red female and a tiny tri color spot female beautiful mahogany males
Katie Did That & Cody DOB 02-25-11
1 blue male and 1 tricolor spot male still available
Farrah and Cody puppy: one baby girl
"Fara Fawn Lu"
Willo and Willy 02-20-11 DOB
3 males and 3 females cute little tri color spots of all colors
Willo puppies still in nursery but going out to
the grass to learn 'outside': . Andrew; Carlie; Elysee (Melody-sold t Mona) & Willo Jr.
Mona and Edith try to pick a puppy, down to 4
Mona thinks she has decided on "Elysee" adding "Melody N My Heart" in honor of her sister in Heaven
GrMa Edith and Mommy Mona visit with Melody
on a beautiful Okla day. Can't wait to take her home, but visits are fun!
"Willo Jr" renamed "Gracie" chosen by Karen &
Pete, she is going to be their new baby, hard decision, but this is the ONE!
"Gracie" gets to meet Jordan and Rachel
Pete & Karen revisit S Heavn t watch Gracie grow & introduced her t th girls! Gracie liked them!
Sukee and Lit'l ManTaco 02-17-11
2 females
Kim and Kirby choose "Fabula JoLee" she will be
going home to Broken Arrow when she is ready.
Fabula's new mommy, Kim, is very excited about her
new arrival, can't wait to get her home......
"ELEKTRA" OOOooHHHhh! those blue eyes...
Gorgeous, rare and unique. Blue Coat/Blue eyes & sweet sweet sweet, loves to play & give kisses
"Blue Elektra" chosen by Conner and Jacqueline
It's their first child and spoiling is definitely on their agenda.....
Jessica picks "Hootie" & her family is so excited
Mark, Gma Monica and GrGma Linda (previous Shihtzu Heaven mommies) are very excited too!
"Gordon" and family come back for a visit to
Meemaw and to Jessica's little boy: "Hootie" he's not ready yet but he's growing
Kim, Grandma Loraine and Donna pictured in Mass
"Laine" named after Grandma is going to be Donna's little baby boy when he is ready
"Carey Jo" is chosen, renamed "Sara Willomena"
by Priscilla, she will be moving to Poteau, Ok someday
"Chuck" chosen by the Hamilton's
Tiwanda is proud of her new baby boy, he'll be going home to OKC
"Chuck" chosen by the Hamilton's
The whole family is loving this little boy, he is going to be happy happy happy

"Little Ellie's family sent pictures, haven't made
it to see her yet, it is so far.. Their excitement is rising daily...this is mom and dad!..
"Little Ellie's" new children pack in Ardmore.
She is going to be a busy little girl giving all these guys kisses and hugs