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Hello From the head pooper scooper, Me "Meemaw Pam". I DO HAVE PUPPIES RIGHT NOW...Here we GO in 2018 .. I am not on a wait list yet I still have plenty of puppies but I am getting low... I should have plenty for valentines day and January and February birthdays and special occasions or those of you that are just ready for some love in your home... I have some ready now and I have some ready in February and I have a litter of itty bitties that will be ready end of February//// your deposit of 350 will hold your puppy and allow you to pay one out while it grows... .call me for an appointment 918-967-4498...
This website has become more of an educational site for shihtzu owners and a way of locating meemaw more than a site to see available puppies because I am out training dogs all the time contact me personally by emailing me or by calling me at 918-967-4498 I will email you pictures of available puppies for your personal selection...this allows you to be the only person looking at the puppies available at that moment...I look forward to talking with you and sharing my current babies with you.. I have puppies of all ages ready as I have just finished filling my wait me or email ...or looke through this website to learn more about caring for a shihtzu companion.  918-967-4498    Let my BLESSINGS become your BLESSINGS!   Your little Angel is waiting for you here at Shihtzu Heaven......Email me

Pamela's Shih-Tzu ANGELS
Raised with Love, Bred for Quality.


To Everything thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.

    Ecclesiastes 3:1 


May I present to you, from my Shihtzu Heaven, the little angels that God has entrusted to me for placement into your family.  You will find the best quality, most beautiful hair coats, cutest faces, sweetest natures, and best trained puppies here.   I specialize in selective breeding (no inline or crossline) and therefore breeding out the flaws of the breed, creating a healthy puppy that will live a long happy life with you.  I have four sizes: Miniatures/Imperials/Tiny Tots/Small Standards.  Hello, my name is Pamela and I am the Pack Leader and Chief Pooper Scooper.  I actually work a full time job in town and I do this for FUN!

I take the time from birth to socialize, handle and train your puppy taking it right on into housebreaking @ 5 weeks and ready for seperation to your home between 10 to 12 weeks, the tiny ones sometimes longer.  YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE HOW THIS PUPPY WILL SETTLE INTO YOUR HOME WITHIN THE FIRST 48 HOURS, PERFECTLY.  How?  by my ability to know when your puppy is ready and.......I TRAIN YOU also.

Need help with your puppy, I am available to followup anytime.

 Pick up at the ranch, near Lequire, Oklahoma, and Your puppy will come with it's travel bag full of goodies: soft bed, halter and leash, toys, chews, feed, and surprises.  I also sell their own cage/crate/wire beds fully decorated to fit nicely into your home(inquire by phone and ask me why they need one of these beds). Ask me about my new "play yard" it is a miracle for sure with territorial training of your new puppy. Great with kids too!

 I feed Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy moistened with water only.  Occassionally I do add a tiny bit of  supplement when weight needs to be added to the itty bitties,..ask me about amount. I also have a special trick on housebreaking that really works.  I believe this food is very important for the continued good health and potty training of your puppy.  I send home the 'special breakfast' which is my latest secret weapon to raising these itty bitty ones that we call the Mini Imperial, and of course the others love the special breakfast, too!   Treats?  NO, I prefer Rewards and I will
explain & send your first month's supply home with you, -hint.... it is dog food, not treats! 


**A devastating blow in May of 2009, I decided that the firmness in my right breast was not going away and a mamogram ordered by my doctor revealed nothing, I insisted on further testing and an Ultra sound revealed a large tumor later was diagnosed with breast cancer. Friends and family continue to  help me maintain the dogs.  I still have  puppies but just not the numbers normally produced here at Shihtzu Heaven.  My breast cancer is GONE and I FINISHED chemo and I am now fighting the side effects of the chemo.  It has really been a rough road to get through and still getting my strength back.  I do really good til my body quits me, then I have to rest for a bit. I am OK ....God is carrying me through this. I am back in with my breeding program and have puppies ready to go and the nursery has  puppies.... so call for your appointment, your new best friend and faithful companion is happily growing at Shihtzu Heaven and will come running out to meet you when you arrive........................the love of your life is here......just call 918-967-4498  Thanks to all of you who supported me with emails, phone calls, visits, prayers, you have been and continue to be a priceless blessing to me.  I also appreciate my new blessings whom I am just now meeting and pray for a long relationship as the meemaw of your puppy. Remember to get those breast exams done and encourage all the people in your life to do the same, men-women young and old.  Cancer does not play any favorites and EARLY detection is the key to survival....listen to the whisper, your body tells you when something is wrong.  Meemaw Pam    

            Introducing:  My granddaughter, Chloe.  Introduced to the puppy
       world when she was 3 days old, she lines the puppies up and lines the puppies out as she trains them. She was 6 in this picture, she is 12 now going to have to get a new picture on here, you'll see her with some of the puppies.  She appears to have her own style that they really listen to.  Many customers choose the name Chloe for their puppies because of this sweet little girl. Wait til you meet her.......just ask and she will do a summersault rollover stand on her head thingy for you.......she is quite the little gymnist, softball player, band member playing the flute, basketball player, competitive gymnastic cheer, & swimmer.  I tell you this because sometimes instead of being home showing you the puppies I am off driving Miss Chloe to her events, but I will work you in, so tell me what day is good for you and we'll get it done. Thanks for your patience and understanding for all the days I wasn't available to you here because of her practices.  The puppies and her social life is my world it seems....LOL.....guess that is just fine.  We have lots of fun.        

Chloe, my little Trainer. in 2007,she is now 15 years old
SHHHHH!    My puppies don't know they are dogs
I can't wait to visit with you about my little Shihtzu Angels. Email me @ but make all paypal payments to;